Article 4 Direction to protect employment sites

posted 26 Oct 2014, 08:14 by dartmouth park   [ updated 26 Oct 2014, 08:43 ]

The Council has launched an extremely important consultation on its proposed Article 4 Directions to protect its employment etc sites (and, of course, the employment) from a law change intended to allow speculators and land owners to make a killing by converting land use for offices etc to be converted to unaffordable luxury housing for the rich without the need for planning permission.  A stretch of Area 1 along Highgate Road abuts the Conservation Area opposite the listed Little Green Street and Fitzroy Terrace.  Sadly, the Direction will come too late to protect all of the property on this stretch where speculators were very quick off the mark to the detriment not only of offices but a well used café, fitness activities etc.  A strong positive community response is absolutely essential because the speculators won't take kindly to having huge gift to them from the Government of millions of pounds snatched from their grasp.  Details of the consultation can be found at  Note it is a short consultation.  The proposed Direction and maps can be found attached below.
The Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum was one of the organisations which pressed the Council to act.

dartmouth park,
26 Oct 2014, 08:48