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Angela Burdett-Coutts

“After lunch she retired to her own room for a while, and doubtless took a gentle nap, ostensibly sitting in front of her window to watch the traffic.

Later she went for a drive in her carriage, which would be open if fine, usually with some friend to accompany her, and always with a dog on her lap.  She would pay visits or have a little shopping done for her, or else she would drive round the Parks, or to Highgate, or even sometimes to the East End.

When at Holly Lodge the tenor of her days continued in much the same fashion, but there she generally came downstairs in the afternoon, and, if fine, she would be drawn about the grounds in her bath-chair by a fat old pony, and watch the games of tennis, bowls or croquet that might be in progress.

At dinner she led the conversation, and would make comments on all the events of the day with a keenness and perception which often amazed her hearers.”

Angela Burdett-Coutts and the Victorians, 1953, Clara Burdett Patterson, John Murray (Publishers) Ltd