Civic Society Newsletter

posted 6 Mar 2013, 19:27 by dartmouth park   [ updated 6 Mar 2013, 19:31 ]
Camden's Civic Society has launched its electronic newsletter.  The first edition includes a very positive review of our latest pamphlet:

Dartmouth Park

Local Conservation Area Statements

generally include an interesting historical

and architectural appraisal as well

as essential conserveation guidelines.

Dartmouth Park CAAC went one better

and produced “Living and Building in

Victorian Dartmouth Park”, by Professor

Michael Port, well before their Statement

appeared. Based on the decennial censuses,

his essay complements the Camden

History Society’s admirable “Streets of

Kentish Town”, and with both historical

and contemporary photos, brings the

area to life, and with both historical and

contemporary photos brings the area to

life and epitomises a range of problems

within a small part of Camden (then St

Pancras) in the Victorian era.

Copies (18 pages and an 1880s map) @ £5