Dartmouth Arms Asset of Community Value designation confirmed

posted 8 Jun 2015, 04:52 by dartmouth park   [ updated 8 Jun 2015, 04:52 ]
Review Officer and Borough Solicitor confirms the designation of the Darty as an ACV.  He said:

The original application in some detail and with photographic evidence lists these. While they vary in significance I would suggest the annual street party as the most significant there are also numerous other events which would suggest that this premises beyond those incidental to a public house furthered social well-being or interests of the local community. It seems

very clear to me that this, even in the context of inner London is a local hub for events and activities. When asked directly the Owner did not deny that the events listed from the street party, political events, book clubs etc. took place….

    On the second limb the test if whether in our opinion it is realistic to think that in the next five years these activities will recommence. There will be circumstances were such as finding would be unrealistic for example if the premises had bene demolished with no prospect of them being rebuilt for obvious financial reasons. However here the Owners themselves

have publically said the closure is temporary and indeed that such activities are part of their strategy to encourage trade. Further these are premises (I was told) have been in use first as a coffee house and then as a public house for over a hundred years. I was also told of the planning restrictions in using the premises as anything other than a public house. In fact no evidence was put forward by the Owners that would have thrown doubt on the original decision. It must therefore be realistic to have concluded as the Council have that future community use is realistic in the next five years.



I therefore uphold the original decision to list the DA as an ACV.

The full text is attached below.  His decision can now be appealed to the First Tier Tribunal within 28 days.  Every challenge merely strengthens the designation so, as they say, bring it on.


dartmouth park,
8 Jun 2015, 04:52