Heath Dams

posted 7 Dec 2013, 22:29 by dartmouth park   [ updated 7 Dec 2013, 22:43 ]

There is only one real question with regard to the Heath dams, 'do the safety standards applied exceed the applicable national, indeed international, engineering norms?' If, as appears to be the case, the answer is 'no', the only remaining question is what is the most beneficial/least harmful to implement them. The norms/standards are rightly set very high. Dams are inherently dangerous and those living in the valleys below them are entitled to an absolute assurance that everything possible has been done by those responsible for them to eliminate risk. There can be no question of applying a lower 'acceptable or reasonable risk' standard, if you build/maintain a potentially dangerous dam or a nuclear power station or whatever you have to accept the responsibilities which flow from what you do. It is easy to caricature and ridicule the risk, particularly if you are immune from the consequences of being wrong, that is why national/international engineering norms are so crucial, they prevent backsliding. A local debate on our dams simply isn't the place to renegotiate them. Finally, we bow to no one in our efforts to protect our beloved Heath, but what is proposed patently isn't the greatest assault on the heath since whenever and the constant over the top rhetoric is, frankly, becoming tiresome.

The, we hope, final consultation has begun... Click on the PDF below for details of how to participate.
dartmouth park,
7 Dec 2013, 22:35