Swains Lane

posted 7 May 2014, 21:50 by dartmouth park   [ updated 7 May 2014, 21:51 ]

Consultation on revised proposals will start shortly.

Undoubtedly a substantial improvement architecturally.  Lord Listowel has also adopted a hugely more positive approach to the shops themselves, promising a development group with strong community involvement.  There will also be some flexibility about whether the shops are combined.  This is where we should have been several months ago.  Our prolonged engagement with the developers has finally proved worthwhile.  Whether the proposals are sufficiently improved to mute opposition is, though, still moot.  Preliminary soundings suggest that a bare majority of the Advisory Committee, although still critical, feel the new proposals are, with some tweaking, “tolerable, just”.  There is, though, a significant minority who feel the changes don’t go far enough.  On-street servicing of the shops remains a key concern.  We now need a thoughtful community debate and we hope the developer will do everything they can to make application proposals accessible to the whole community.

So, much improved but do the changes go far enough to satisfy at least most of the objectors?

The revised drawings are available online:


We are hoping to be able to produce a CD (service charge of £1) for those who can’t cope with downloading everything.  Email us at dartmouthpark@hotmail.com