Highgate Library Civic & Cultural Centre (HLCCC) Launch

posted 26 Jul 2013, 07:16 by dartmouth park   [ updated 27 Jul 2013, 01:00 ]
Monday 29th July @ 7 pm Highgate Library Children's Corner Annex
From 1st September FoHL and its partners will manage the Children's Corner Annex of Highgate Library under licence from Camden. The Council is to be paid £860 per month which will be recovered by charges from lettings to civic and cultural groups and fund raising. Lettings will have to be consistent with the objectives of the Libraries Acts.
    Camden Council is pledged to keeping Highgate Library as a viable public library and as the civic and cultural heart of Dartmouth Park. Delivering this pledge will require both the Council and the community to find additional resources for the complex by April 2015.
    FoHL sees this as action research project aimed helping to ensure the long term viability and vitality of the Library complex by helping to maximise income to the Library complex while ensuring it continues to meet the civic and cultural needs of our community.
    Our Grade II listed Library building has, from its birth as St Pancras' first and for a long time only public library, been a centre of many battles to develop and then protect public services. The land and building were donated by Andrew Carnegie, Burdett Coutts and the Duke of Bedford in exchange for a St Pancras pledge that it would maintain the Library at public expense.
    What this isn't about is turning Highgate into a 'community library'. The contrary, we hope to offer what might be called a hybrid alternative to that model. Its future may reflect it origins but it will remain a viable and vital public library.
    Living in impossibly difficult economic times and given the loss of the neighbourhood shopping centre and the locking of the gates on our sister Listed cemetery, no one should underestimate the challenge ahead. It will be a heavy burden and we hope that the whole community will rally to the cause and share it. 
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26 Jul 2013, 21:13