Subscriptions: Online editable form & payments by Bank Transfer

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FoHL's membership form is now downloadable and can be completed in Adobe Reader and returned to us by email after you have paid your subscription by Bank Transfer.  Our Bank details are on the form.  You can, of course, print the form in the usual way.

More on Charlotte Mendelson's new book for event on January 12th

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Camden History Society Newsletter Nov 2016

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Some interesting events and, on the inside, a report of our 110th Anniversary celebration. Click on the image to read.

Charlotte Mendelson January 12th

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January's FoHL Presents on Thursday 12 January is - Rhapsody in Green: A novelist, an obsession, a laughably small excuse for a vegetable garden.  Charlotte Mendelson on her latest book on Gardens

110th Anniversary

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Macbeth - DPFC

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Shakespeare's The Tempest in one

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Dartmouth Park Film Club offers a rare chance to see in the HLCCC this BAFTA winning 1959 thriller filmed in Dartmouth Park

David Drake's Paris at War & our event in the news

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Friends of Highgate Library book review competition for Teenagers

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The friends have launched a book review competition for local teenagers

Book Review Competition for Teenagers

Win £50 this Christmas!

The Friends of Highgate Library invites school students from Years 7 to 11 to review a novel over the Christmas holidays.

£50 will be awarded to the author of the best review.

The review must be between 350 and 500 words.

Entrants must use their own Camden library card and borrow the book they review from Highgate Library, Chester Road.

Closing date for entries: 4.30 pm on Wednesday 20 January.

See the details below, or call in at the Library if you need further information. The library will be open until 1pm on Thursday 24th December, and will re-open after the break on Tuesday January 5th.


1. The competition to review a novel is open to all school students from Years 7 to 11.

2. The review can be of any novel provided that the book is borrowed from Highgate Library, Chester Road, on the entrant’s own Camden library card.

3. The review must be between 350 and 500 words, excluding the title and author of the book.  The word count must be written at the end of the review.

4. The review must be delivered to Highgate Library no later than 4.30 pm on Wednesday 20 January. It must be printed on unfolded A4 paper and sealed in a board-backed envelope. If required the library will print the review free of charge and supply the envelope.

5. The entrant’s name, his/her library card number, school year and current email address and/or phone number must be typed at the top of the review.

6. There will be a single prize of £50 awarded in memory of Enid Evans, a long-standing member of the Friends of Highgate Library.

7. FoHL retains the right to use any entries in a display in Highgate Library.

7. Any entry that does not meet all the conditions set out above will not be considered. The judges’ decision will be final.


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