Cemetery Book Collection Launched

posted 18 Aug 2014, 04:34 by dartmouth park   [ updated 18 Aug 2014, 04:38 ]

Donations sought for Highgate Cemetery collection at Highgate Library

17 July 2014

An appeal for books

Highgate Library in Chester Road, at the bottom of the East Cemetery, is about to be jointly managed by the Friends of Highgate Library with the London Borough of Camden. To show our support, we plan to create a Highgate Cemetery collection there which can be used by Friends, volunteers and the general public. If you have any relevant books which you no longer require which you think would suit such a collection, please donate them to the cemetery. If we are given duplicates or other items we do not require we will either sell them for the benefit of the cemetery or donate them to another charity. 

We don't plan to acquire biographies about the people buried in the Cemetery, as that would be beyond the scale of the collection. Instead, we are looking for books, contemporary and historical, about cemeteries, death and commemoration as well as fiction inspired by the Cemetery. 

You can see our wants list here. If you would like to contribute or to suggest other items for our list, please get in touch