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Steering Group

posted 27 Jun 2012, 19:52 by Patrick Lefevre   [ updated 27 Jun 2012, 20:31 by dartmouth park ]
The general meeting on the 27th June set up a steering group to progress the establishment of a Neighbourhood Forum.  The main task of the steering group will be to seek to broaden the membership base of the proposed Forum and ensure its inclusiveness.  As a first step the steering group will expand its own membership.  It will also seek to progress the discussion around boundaries.  For example, a representative of the Murphy group pointed out that the current proposed boundaries split the Murphy's site between two Forums and suggested this might be less than helpful.  It was also suggested that given the potential economic impact on the area of improved access to Waterlow Park and Highgate Cemetery, we should look again at the north east boundary.  The steering group is also to progress discussion of the constitution and will publish various written contributions to that debate.  It was clear that it was now too late to obtain 'pathfinding' grant funding and the steering group will have raise the funds needed to continue the work.  The steering group will also establish an independent website, including an interactive section.  After the meeting we visited the now vacant Library annex.