These publications are available through DPCAAC.

Living and Building
in Victorian Dartmouth Park
: An essay based on the Victorian decennial censuses

by Michael Port

A fascinating illustrated insight into who built and lived many of the houses in the Dartmouth Park Conservation Area. Companion publication to ‘Who built your house’.

Who Built Your House? A survey of the builders of Dartmouth Park. With colour maps of the area

A study based mainly on District Surveyor records. (NB Some of these records have been lost leaving a gap mainly in the 1860s)

Either publication PDF version (via email) £3

Printed version Who Built Your House £5
Printed version Living and Building £8
Postage and packing £2

Available at Conservation Area events. Cash payment with order in an envelope to 35 Dartmouth Park Road, NW5 1SU. Or email

Historic postcards

Sold at Conservation Area events for £1 each.