Attack on Conservation Area

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Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum Plan Referendum Thursday 6th

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Vote Yes

Nick Bradfield, our Chair, who has been a member of the Committee from early on, says "no neighbourhood plan will ever please everyone 100% but voting yes will ensure that many of the long battles have fought and a few victories we have won are secured, offers significant benefits to us in our work and there isn't anything in this final version that will do harm".

To take just one example, the Mansfield open space we have rescued from the developers, will get a 'green space' designation under the National Planning Framework. True too of other green spaces.

On the other end on the scale, voting yes to the Plan will keep the community voice at the centre of, for example, any development of the huge 'Murphy' site.

Some of the critcisms are just unfair and wrong. Our Conservation Area took the lead on advancing energy and climate change issues within Conservation Areas. We are still the only Conservation Area in the country which has detailed, usually street by street, guidance on how to 'green' our Conservation Area without throwing the baby out with the bath water. The only thing that comes near it is a Bath study in relation to its listed buildings. Our guidance is now entrenched by the proposed plan.

Traffic isn't a matter for local planning under the law but the draft does everything possible to ensure steps are taken to ensure our air isn't poluted etc and it sends the clearest possible reminder to traffic planners that our community is fed up with the area being a major east/west west/east route whilst insisting that it is no solution to shift rat running traffic from one street to another.

There was concern that an earlier draft of the Plan might have been undermining to some of the Conservation Guidance. Action by the Plan's Examiner has rightly put our minds to rest on that. Extracts of the deleted paragraphs below.
Community meeting which launched neighbourhood planning in Dartmouth Park

2018 Traffic Management Proposals

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The Council is consulting groups in Dartmouth Park on various schemes until the 23rd July.  You can see these proposals by clicking on this link or the image.

Traffic 2018

Downsized improvement scheme for local schools gets planning permission

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C11 schedule changed without consultation

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That 15 sq m luxury 'shed'

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We love him, of course, just not the 15 sq m 'shed' and the 2 years of works.  Evidence is that we will soon be welcoming him and his family to his new home.


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Everything that is wrong with planning and development in London in one story. A better than 10 fold increase in land value simply because of a planning decision gone horribly wrong. It was absolutely predictable, as we constantly did, that once the permission was obtained he applicant would move on. The promised 'bung' to Council sports facilities which led to some in the Council supporting the project has already disappeared.  Agan predictably the promised 'affordable' accomodation will, thanks to loopholes in the law, almost certainly follow.  The one thing which led some in the community to resist less forcefully than they might have, the promise that the land would not be allowed to degenerate, long since thwarted.  No prospect even of a sad certainty and we will almost certainly see a new round of planning applications once a new owner is found.

CA-U CPZ Review

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Download the letter and an electronic PDF form.  Save. Open and edit the form with your replies with the software you use to read PDFs.  Save.  Then either email the edited form as an attachment to or print the eited form and post it to Brenda.Busingy, London Borough of Camden, FREEPOST RLZH-UEYC-ACZZ, London, WC1H 8EQ. (No stamp required.).  If you are e-mailing a form, please copy your response to and, even better, tell us which Street you live in.  We will take your views into account when deciding on DPCAAC response.
CPZ Form

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